Capital HPLC's philosophy is one of quality and choice:

Quality is considered to be of paramount importance, with our HPLC Columns going through a most stringent quality control procedure before dispatch.
Capital HPLC also believe in the importance of providing their customers with the widest possible range of packing materials (including Adsorbosphere, Zorbax, Hypersil, Spherisorb, Kromasil and Nucleosil), all of which can be supplied in cartridge and column formats from preparative down to narrow bore.

Please browse our web-site and online catalogues to see our full range of HPLC Columns and Capillary Electrophoresis products including Hypersil. 

 A new catalogue from Capital HPLC is now available from our sales and marketing department at our head office. The new catalogue contains many additional new sections including a comprehensive range of HPLC columns as well as an extensive range of information regarding other manufacturer’s products, our extended PEEK products, sample preparation, capillary electrophoresis products as well as the main section of GC, Bio analysis and preparative columns.

Capital HPLC propriority HPLC column, Optimal Range, offers a very high purity silica base platform for a vast range of chemistries. The application booklet and the comparison notes are available from our sales office.

 One of our most recent involvements was with GL-Sciences of Japan to whom Capital HPLC is the authorized distributor in the UK and Ireland and the Middle Eastern countries. The Inertsil range of HPLC products and InterCap range of GC capillaries are one of the best products in the market.

 One of the fast growing products is MicrosolvTech Cogent and Type-C range of products. These offer a very unique range of HPLC columns. Complete application notes are available from Capital HPLC upon request. Capital HPLC is the official distributor of MicrosolTech products in the UK and Europe.

 Another addition to the Capital HPLC product portfolio is the promotion of Waters products in the UK and Ireland. The range consists of all Waters consumables and original HPLC columns from Waters Limited in the UK.

Capital HPLC Limited is an official distributor of Daiso Gel products in Europe. Daiso Gel products are very highly pure HPLC material with the variation of particle sizes from 2.0µm diameter for UPLC analysis up to 20µm for preparative use, even 40-60µm for SPE analysis. All the above particle diameters are available in variety of pore sizes from 10nm to 400nm, with different chemistries. For more information please contact our sales office.

Our Bio Products contains DNA purification kit (MonoFAS range), MonoFAS plasmid Extraction kit. Another new product includes silica Monolith covered with titanium dioxide on MonoTip TiO in this section of the catalogue. This is particularly useful to trap and enrich phosphopeptides.

We have also introduced a new range of products called AlfaCap® Myco2100 series of multifunctional clean up SPE columns for sample preparation of Aflatoxin. For more information please contact our sales office.