Capital HPLC

Example Capital QC Certificate

Example Capital QC Certificate

The diagram below shows an example of the type of QC certificate supplied with every column packed by Capital HPLC. The actual chromatogram from the particular column being tested is displayed in full,

together with complete details of the test protocol and the determined column performance data

For some of our speciality materials, a separate QC certificate for the packing material itself is also included with each column.

 Understanding Capital HPLC Order Codes

 All Capital HPLC order codes are designed to present all the critical about the given product at a glance.  An example is set out below indicating how to read the order codes:

So in the above example, the order code specifies a Column as follows:

Brand: Hypersil Chemistry: Silica Particle Size: 5um Format: Conventional Length: 25cm

Internal Diameter: 4mm

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