Capital HPLC

Reasearch Activities

Research Activities

Capital HPLC has never abandoned its academic origins and strives to remain at the  forefront of developments in separation science. The company therefore has a strong  and dynamic research group which is particularly active in capillary LC, electrochromatography and the development of new chiral stationary phases. Over the last five years the company has won several British government innovation awards for their R & D efforts.

HPLC Columns

Capital HPLC offer one of the widest selection of HPLC columns currently available on the market.  We provide high quality HPLC columns in conventional formats, the convenient Capital UCC cartridge format and Capital's new stylish format.

This new catalogue also includes a full range of chiral HPLC columns for enantiomeric separations.

CE and CEC Products and Accessories

Capital HPLC, through our new division, Electrokinetic Technologies can offer a wide range of unique products for capillary electrophoresis and capillary electrochromatography.  The  products on offer include specially coated capillaries, packed columns for CEC,  CE reagents including numerous cyclodextrins and many other accessories.

LC and GC Accessories

Capital HPLC now offer a comprehensive range of accessories for LC equipment such as injection valves, deuterium lamps etc.. We also have a new range of GC products.


Packing / Repacking Service

We also offer a column packing and repacking service. The column packing service  involves the customer sending the bulk packing material for us to pack into a column of their choice.  Indeed, the column may also be supplied by the customer. Prices for this service will be given on application.

A repacking service is available to customers who send their old used columns to us.  We will restore the column to its original working capacity for a 15% discount (10% for cartridges) against our list price.


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