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MonoTip Trypsin

MonoTip Trypsin


MonoTip Trypsin is a sample preparation tip with
Silica Monolith that consists of continuous
through-pores with protein digestive enzyme,
Trypsin, fixed.

Trypsin Digestion is Available only by Pipetting

Existing Trypsin digestion requireds a long time
to digest at 37oC with a low concentrated Trypsin
solution to avoid the self-digestion of Trypsin.
However, MonoTip Trypsin digests Trypsin only
by a simple pipetting operation without a
thermostatic chamber.

Only 20 minutes to Digest

At 37oC, it usually takes more than 10 hours to
digest Trypsin. With MonoTip Trypsin, it only
takes a 2-3 minute pipetting operation to digest
at room tepmerature for 20 minutes.

High Enzyme Activity

With a large surface area of Silica Monolith,
MonoTip Trypsin has 100ug Trypsin fixed per tip.
This enables a quick digeston of a highly
concentrated protein (See picture right)
MonoTip Trypsin has Trypsin derived from cow






No Self-Digestion

As Trypsin is fixed to the Silica Monolith, Trypsin
itself does not touch each other. As there is no
self-digestion of Trypsin, a dramatic high protein
purification can be achieved.

Also the fixed Trypsin is TPCK treated to
inactivate the chimotrypsin activation.



Long Life Time Enzyme Activity

MonoTip Trypsin can be stored under room
temperature for 2 weeks, and in a
refrigerator for 1 year. Due to the long
•@preservation term, there is no concern
to use 96 pcs, of MonoTip Trypsin in a long



The following chromatography shows the
analysis result of B-casein, cow whole blood
albumin and transferrin after being treated with
MonoTip Trypsin by LC-MS:



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