Capital HPLC

Capillary Preparation Tools

Capillary Preparation Tools



Capillary Cleaving Tool

In the preparation of capillaries, clean
perpendicular edges are essential if high
efficiency and good peak shapes are to be
obtained. Examples of satisfactory and
unsatisfactory capillary end cuts are shown
in the adjacent diagram.

With conventional cutting tools the result is
often hit or miss. However, using this sapphire
tipped tool high quality edges can be obtained
easily and reproducibly. If handled with care,
this tool will provide many years of service.
Cat. No. EKP201


Capillary Inspection Lens

The lens, providing an 8x magnification, can
be used to inspect capillary edges and
detection windows. It can also be used to
check the alignment of the detection window
when fitting capillaries into cartridges.
Cat. No. EKP202





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