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CE Instrument Calibration Kit

CE Instrument Calibration Kit

Developed by Chemical Solutions Inc. in the
United States this easy to use kit is the
simplest and most convenient way to calibrate
your instruments to the standards required by
GLP and ISO 9000.

The kits contain all you need to quickly check and certify the calibration of your instrumentation for both wavelength and
absorbance accuracy at regular intervals, without the need for specialist training.

Each kit consists of a wavelength calibration solution, a reference and eight different absorbance calibration solutions. The solutions are prepared in a GMP laboratory to a high degree of precision and are fully NIST traceable. Each solution is clearly marked with
the batch number, the concentration and the expiry date. Concise and easy to follow instructions are also provided.

Using these kits, the calibration of CE (or HPLC) instruments does not require any knowledge of statistical methods, since all the
relevant calculations are carried out by the PC spreadsheet program included with every kit. The user is required only to enter the absorbance values measured for each of the calibration solutions and the program does the rest.

After the procedure has been completed a calibration certificate summarising the results and stating full calibration conditions can be printed for signature by the operator.
The solutions contained in these kits are particularly stable and have a shelf life in
excess of one year.

Catalogue No. EKP218




O-  Ideal for GMP / ISO9000
O- Fast and easy to use
O- Calibrates both wavelength
     and absorbance
O- Fully NIST traceable
O- Long shelflife

















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