Capital HPLC

EKT Capillary Burner

EKT Capillary Burner

The removal of the polyimide coating in order to provide a UV transparent window is often a
source of inaccuracy in CE experiments.

For convenient and reproducible preparation of UV transparent windows in polyimide covered
capillaries, EKT have developed an easy to use capillary burner device. The capillary is
simply pushed through the guide holes until it reaches the correct position for the window
as chosen by the user and the simple push of a button initiates a controlled heating of the
capillary making a small, precise and highly reproducible window.

O- Precise and Reproducable                 
O- Easy to Use
O- Produces Clean Finish
O- Saves Time and Money
O- Long Life Filament


Capillary Burner (continued)

Burner Filaments

The EKT Capillary Burner is delivered fitted
with a standard burner filament which
produces a detection window with an
approximate length of 2mm.

This standard filament can be removed and
replaced with a filament producing a longer
or shorter window in accordance with the
analyst's requirements.

Burner filaments are available in three
different coil lengths: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm.



Ordering Information

Cat. No.                        Coil Length / mm                     Price / £

EKR112A                             1mm
EKR112B                             2mm (standard)
EKR112C                             3mm

The diagram below shows an example of four different windows created using the standard
2mm burner coil on a 50μm i.d. 375μm o.d. capillary. The high degree of reproducability of
windows produced using the EKT burner is clearly evident. (Test carried out by an independent