Capital HPLC

Sample Preparations

Sample Preparation

EKT stock a wide range of sample preparation accessories including sample vials, syringes,
sample filters and many others. For items not listed, please contact our sales office.


Sample Preparation Filters
The filters can be used to remove particulates
from CE samples. The PTFE membranes in
various diameters (3 - 25mm) have a porosity
of 0.2μm and 0.45μm. Sold in packs of 10.

Diameter      Porosity        Cat. No.     Price

25mm           0.2μm             EKP244
25mm           0.45μm           EKP245
15mm           0.2μm             EKP246
15mm           0.45μm           EKP247
3mm             0.2μm             EKP248
3mm             0.45μm           EKP249

Sample preparation filters are also available with polypropylene and polyamide (Nylon 66)
membranes with 0.2μm and 0.45μm porosity. Please contact our sales office for prices.