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Connecting Union



Connecting Union

Couples two short columns or cartridges together to make a
longer column. The main features of the connecting union are:-

1. It eliminates the need to purchase a longer column
which may be too time consuming.

2. Selectivity can be modified by coupling columns with
differing stationary phases.

Cat No. HT7150





Guard Columns and Guard Column Adapters

A guard column can be used to absor, to a large extent, any
contaminants that may be present in the sample, thus
prolonging the active life of the column. Each type of guard
column now has its own unique catalogue number and can
be found in the HPLC section (pages7-40)

Guard Column Holder

Suitable for using a single short column for rapid method
development or for using as a guard column for a
conventional HPLC column. Two end fittings will be
required for each guard column holder (see page 51). .

Cat No. HT7151


Guard Column Adapter

The guard column adapter screws directly into the top of the
UFC column or UCC cartridge holder. The guard column
is then inserted into the adapter to produce an on-column
guard column with no dead volume. The guard column
adapter accepts 1/4" end fittings and can also be used to
extend the length of a cartridge holder, e.g. two guard
column adapters added to a 10cm cartridge holder will make
a 15cm cartridge holder. In addition to this, a guard column
adapter and a guard column holder can be coupled together
to form a suitable holder for a 5cm cartridge.

Cat No. HT7152

Hexigrip Spanner

Slides over the injector end fitting to give an improved grip when
connecting columns. Suitable for Parker and Swagelok fittings

Cat No. HT7153




PTFE Cleaning Tool

Small tool used to replace contaminated silica at the top of the column

The tool automatically removes the correct amount
of silica to accommodate the end plug, after re-filling
the column top.

Cat No. HT7154
Price £

Plug Remover

Removes Kel-F plugs without damaging plugs.

Cat No. HT7513.
Price £






Kel-F End Plugs

Made from Kel-F material, these plugs are much
more robust than the old plugs made from PTFE.
Available in packs of four, these plugs contain a two
micron pore frit and can fit both analytical and narrow
bore UCCs.

Cat No. HT7156 Price £ (4-Pack)

Also available with Titanium Frits Cat No. HT715
Price £

Flexigrip UCC Cartridge Holders


Length          CatNo.                  Price/£


      50      UCC2-CH05
    100      UCC2-CH10
    150      UCC2-CH15
    200      UCC2-CH20
    250      UCC2-CH25

End Fittings

When ordering end fittings for the cartridge design,
we recommend that parker female end fittings be used.

Cat No. CS100
Price £





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