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Universal Cartridge Column Starter Kits

Universal Cartridge Column Starter Kits

For those chromatographers wishing a quick and easy change-over to the convenience of Universal
Cartridge Columns, we can supply comprehensive starter kits.

The universal cartridge kits consist of:

1 15cm UCC Holder
1 10cm UCC Holder
1 15cm UCC Insert
1 10cm UCC Insert
1 Connecting Union
1 Guard Column Adapter
1 Packed Guard Column
1 Hexigrip Spanner Tool
1 PTFE Cleaning Tool
2 End Fittings (with nuts and ferrules)
2 Spare Kel-F End Plugs
1 Vial of Test Mixture




Asabovebut narrowbore



Please note, the prices of starter kits may vary depending on the actual packing material required.
Please contact the sales office in order to confirm prices.

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