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Nucleosil Chiral Columns

Nucleosil Chiral Columns

Nucleosil Chiral 1

Nucleosil Chiral-1 has been developed to control optical purity and separate optically- active
compounds. This is achieved by ligand exchange in aqueous solvent systems. The stationary phase
matrix is Nucleosil 120Å bonded chemically with L-hydroxyproline -Cu2+ complexes. The principal
interaction mode between the solute enantiomers to be separated and the chiral selector is the
formation of ternary, mixed-ligand complexes with a transition metal cation, Cu(ll).

This chiral column has been developed for control of optical purity of compounds soluble only in
organic solvents.

Nucleosil Chiral 2 and Chiral 3

The stationary phase matrix is Nucleosil silica, chemically bonded with Ddinitrobenzoylphenylglycine
via a propyl spacer resulting in three chiral centres. This is a 'brush type' phase. Applications include
control of optical purity of plant protectives (pesticides), pharmaceuticals and production control in chiral
organic synthesis, using nonpolar organic mobile phase.1

The chiral-3 column carries the opposite optical isomeric chiral phase to Nucleosil Chiral-2, i.e.,
L-dinitrobenzoylphenylglycine. This allows the elution order of a pair of enantiomers to be
reversed to that obtained using Nucleosil Chiral-2 under the same elution conditions.

Nucleosil - Chiral Columns

Phase                    2cm                  5cm                  10cm                 15cm               20cm              25cm


ChiralI                   n/a                    n/a                    n/a                     5K5115              n/a                  5K5125

ChiralII                   n/a                    n/a                    n/a                     5L5115              n/a                  5L5125

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