Capital HPLC

Fast Flow LC Columns

Prime Fast Flow LC Columns

For Analysis of Drugs in Serum and Plasma

In pharmacokinetics, the HPLC analysis of compounds of interest in blood and serum
matrices, is usually proceeded by a time consuming solid phase extraction step. This often
involves evaporation and reconstitution before application of the sample to the HPLC column.
When using mass spectroscopic detection there is no longer the need for very high resolution of
the compound of interest from the endogenous compounds. Hence, the use of course material
fast flow columns is an ideal sample clean up solution.

Flow rates of 4ml per minute in a 1mm bore column ensure extremely short analysis times.

Samples can be analysed in approximately 1minute with no solid phase extraction step.

Cat. No.             De scription                                                                                             Price/£

 50ZT105D1      5cm C18 Prime Column 1mm i.d. 50um page 19
 50ZT105C3      5cm C18 Prime Column 0.5mm i.d. 50um page 19
 50ZT105C6      5cm C18 Prime Column 0.32mm i.d. 50um page 19


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