Capital HPLC

InertCap Capillary Series

InertCap Capillary Series

Capital HPLC in collaboration with GL-Sciences of Japan will be offering the following GC
capillaries. Capital InertCap has very low column bleed excellent for MS applications. The
following capillaries are some example of the products that Capital HPLC offers for use in
GC analysis. If you do not find your required capillary on the list below please contact our
sales office.

Capital hplc InertCap columns feature the following:

• Rigorous Quality Control Tests
• Excellent Reproducibility
• High Separation Efficiency
• Low GC/MS Bleed
• Bonded and cross-linked

Extensive Selection of Phases:

Providing high inertness and low GC/MS bleed. Columns for specific analysis are now
available from InertCap GC capillary series. InertCap covers a wide range of polarity



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