Capital HPLC

Capital HPLC Narrow Bore Columns

Capital HPLC Narrow Bore Columns

Why use 4.6mm i.d. columns ?

Over the past twenty or so years, the most popular analytical HPLC column format has been the 4.6mm i.d. column. At the time of its introduction, this choice of a 4.6mm diameter column was dictated mainly by the limitations of the analytical instrumentation available then.
For efficient chromatography, the dispersion caused by external instrumentation must be small relative to the volume of the eluting peaks. One means of ensuring this to be the case, is to increase the effective peak volumes by increasing the column bore. However, with the improvements in instrumentation, particularly in the area of miniaturisation, it is now possible to reduce the
column bore and still maintain the efficiency of the column. This approach, which is made possible by the low dispersion characteristics of modern HPLC instrumentation offers the chromatographer a number of significant advantages over the use of conventional
4.6mm diameter columns.

Capital Narrow Bore Columns

Capital HPLC are able to supply high performance narrow bore columns of 3.2, 2.1mm and 1.0mm i.d., in a conventional column format, packed with any of the materials from our vast range.
In addition to the standard 4.6mm i.d. format, UCC cartridge inserts are available in both 3.2mm and 2.1mm i.d. formats. Both the 3.2mm and 2.1mm inserts are fully compatible with the standard UCC cartridge holder, so it is not necessary to purchase specific narrow bore holders. At present the UCC range is the only cartridge system available which supports 2.1mm i.d. inserts.

Solvent Consumption

The use of narrow bore columns leads to a considerable reduction in solvent consumption. From figure 1, which shows the relative solvent consumption for 4.6, 3.2, 2.1 and 1.0mm i.d. columns or cartridges, it can be seen that even a moderate reduction in diameter from 4.6 to 3.2 can lead to a 50% saving in solvent costs. Not only does this save on solvents, but also on time spent preparing mobile phases and cuts waste disposal costs. As can be seen from the diagram below, the use of 1.0mm diameter columns results in a 95% saving in solvent costs. With such savings in the costs of solvent, it is even possible to consider the use of more exotic mobile phases containing expensive additives, such as chiral selectors.

Perhaps the most dramatic effect of reducing the cartridge diameter is the increased mass sensitivity.
In situations where only a very small sample volume
is available, it is often possible to obtain a five fold increase in sensitivity by changing from a traditional 4.6mm cartridge to a 2.1mm i.d.. A twenty fold increase in sensitivity can be achieved by switching from a 4.6mm to a 1.0mm i.d. column.

Capital 3.2mm i.d. and 2.1mm i.d. Columns and Cartridges

Capital HPLC can supply 3.2mm and 2.1mm bore version of all the standard analytical columns in
our range and no extra cost. For ordering information,please consult the relevant section and
add D3 and D2 to the end of the standard column catalogue number in order to specify 3.2mm i.d.
and 2.1mm i.d. respectively.

Quality 1mm bore high efficiency columns are available packed with any of the materials and
phases in our range. Those listed below represent only a small selection of the more popular
columns. For columns not listed please contact our sales office.

Inertpak 1.0mm i.d. Narrow Bore Columns
5μm prices only

   Phase                               5cm                  10cm                15cm               20cm              25cm
   Silica                            5MA105D1         5MA110D1       5MA115D1       5MA120D1        5MA125D1
   C4                                5MD105D1         5MD110D1       5MD115D1       5MD120D1       5MD125D1
   C8                                5MF105D1         5MF110D1         5MF115D1       5MF120D1        5MF125D1
   ODS-2                          5MG105D1         5MG110D1        5MG115D1       5MG120D1       5MG125D1
   Phenyl(Ph)                   5MK105D1         5MK110D1        5MK115D1       5MK120D1       5MK125D1
   ODS(80Å)                     5ML105D1         5ML110D1        5ML115D1       5ML120D1        5ML125D1
   Price/£ see price list page 16-17


Optimal 1.0mm i.d. Narrow Bore Columns
5μm prices only, 3μm also available at 10% extra (please replace the intial 5 with 3 to specify)


   Phase                               5cm                  10cm                15cm               20cm                25cm
   ODS-H                         5SG105D1         5SG110D1        5SG115D1        5SG120D1         5SG125D1
   ODS-L                         5SH105D1         5SH110D1        5SH115D1        5SH120D1        5SH125D1
   Octyl                           5SF105D1          5SF110D1         5SF115D1        5SF120D1         5SF125D1
   Silica                           5SA105D1         5SA110D1        5SA115D1        5SA120D1        5SA125D1
   Price/£ see price list page 16-17

Hypersil 1.0mm i.d. Narrow Bore Columns
5μm prices only, 3μm also available at 10% extra (please replace the intial 5 with 3 to specify)

   Phase                               5cm                  10cm                15cm               20cm              25cm
   Si                                5AA105D1        5AA110D1         5AA115D1         5AA120D1       5AA125D1
   BUTYL(C4)                   5AD105D1        5AD110D1         5AD115D1         5AD120D1       5AD125D1
   MOS (C8)                     5AF105D1        5AF110D1          5AF115D1         5AF120D1        5AF125D1
   ODS (C18)                   5AG105D1        5AG110D1          5AG115D1        5AG120D1       5AG125D1
   Phenyl (Ph)                 5AK105D1        5AK110D1          5AK115D1        5AK120D1        5AK125D1
   CPS (CN)                      5AL105D1        5AL110D1          5AL115D1        5AL120D1        5AL125D1
   APS (NH2)                   5AM105D1       5AM110D1         5AM115D1        5AM120D1      5AM125D1
   BDS C18                      5AZ105D1         5AZ110D1          5AZ115D1        5AZ120D1       5AZ125D1
   BDS C8                        5AY105D1         5AY110D1          5AY115D1        5AY120D1       5AY125D1
   SAS (C1)                     5AB105D1         5AB110D1          5AB115D1        5AB120D1       5AB125D1
   Price/£ see price list page 16-17


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