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Chromegabond is a range of HPLC supports manufactured by ES Industries in the United States. The Chromegabond range is particularly interesting because of the enormous number of derivatised phases which are available. There are a number of exotic chemistries which may be suited to even the most unusual separations, e.g., 
there is a C22 alkyl phase and pentafluorophenyl phase. Many of these phases are exclusive to the Chromegabond range. Chromegabond columns are available from Capital HPLC in all of the various formats in our range from narrow bore to preparative scale.

Available bonded phases include: Methyl, Dimethyl, Trimethyl, n-Propyl, n-Butyl, n-Hexyl, Cyclohexyl, C8, C10, C12, C18, C22, Diphenyl, Pentafluorophenyl, Propylcarboxymethylester,Adamantane,Amine,Diamine, Triamine, Diol,Cyano, Amino, Nitro, Silver Impregnated Silica.

Chromegabond Alumina gRP1 (Polybutadiene) is a special material for the analysis of azythromycin as described in US Pharmacopia (L29). Catalogue No. 5TT115 (see price list page 22.)


Pore Diameters              : 60, 80, 100, 300,
500 &
                                    : 1000A
Particle Dia./um             : 3,5,10


Chromegabond Ordering Information

Catalogue numbers refer to 5μm materials 4.6mm column i.d. only. For 2.1mm or 3.2mm diameter
columns please add D2 and D3 respectively to the standard 4.6mm i.d. columns. Prices for 2.1mm
and 3.2mm i.d. columns are as for 4.6mm i.d.

Chromegabond Conventional Columns

5μm prices only
3μm columns 10% extra             - Replace first digit (i.e., 5) with 3 for cat. no.
10μm columns 5% less               - Replace first digit (i.e., 5) with 10 for cat. no.

   Phase                     2cm                 5cm             10cm               15cm             20cm              25cm
   Silica                    5TA102           5TA105         5TA110           5TA115          5TA120         5TA125
   C1                        5TB102           5TB105         5TB110            5TB115         5TB120          5TB125
   C2 Dimethyl         5TC102           5TC105          5TC110           5TC115          5TC120          5TC125
   C3 Propyl             5TC102           5TC105          5TC110           5TC115         5TC120           5TC125
   C4 Butyl               5TD102           5TD105         5TD110           5TD115         5TD120          5TD125
   C8                        5TF102            5TF105          5TF110            5TF115         5TF120           5TF125
   ODS                     5TG102           5TG105          5TG110           5TG115         5TG120           5TG125
   MC18                   5TH102           5TH105         5TH110           5TH115         5TH120           5TH125
   C22                     5TI102             5TI105          5TI110            5TH115         5TI120            5TI125
   Cyano(CN)           5TL102            5TL105          5TL110            5TL115         5TL120           5TL125
   Diol(OH)              5TM102           5TM105         5TM110           5TM115        5TM120          5TM125
   SAX                     5TN102           5TN105          5TN110            5TN115        5TN120           5TN125
   PFP                     5TW102           5TW105        5TW110            5TW115       5TW120          5TW125
   Nitro                    5TZ102            5TZ105         5TZ110            5TZ115         5TZ120           5TZ125
   SCX                     5TP102            5TP105         5TP110            5TP115         5TP120          5TP125
   Price/£ see price list page 13-14

New Chromegabond AquaSep

Aquasep is a new reversed phase, developed by ES Industries, which enables highly water soluble
analytes to be chromatographed on a C8 bonded phase, even with purely aqueous mobile phases.
Aquasep is suitable for the analysis of highly water soluble compounds such as small organic acids,
water soluble vitamins, purines and pyrimidines without the need for ion pairing agents.

_ Chromatograph polar compounds with
    pure aqueous mobile phases

_ Rapid re-equilibration with gradients (0-

_No ion pairing agents required for highly
  polar compounds

_Extremely high carbon loading 

    Phase                            2cm                 5cm             10cm               15cm             20cm              25cm
    Aquasep                   5TAQ102       5TAQ305       5TAQ310         5TAQ315          5TAQ320        5TAQ325
   Price/£ see price list page 13-14