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Hypersil is porous spherical silica gel developed by chromatographers for chromatographers.
Manufactured in the United Kingdom by the Hypersil division of the Thermo Group, Hypersil is available in three, five and ten micron sizes. During the production of Hypersil materials, strict quality control measures are taken to ensure that there is an extremely narrow particle size distribution and consistent surface chemistries between batches.
On a world scale, Hypersil is one of the most commonly used chromatographic stationary phases.

In addition to the native silica, Hypersil is available with the following surface chemistries:
C1(SAS), C4, C8(MOS), C18(ODS),CN(CPS)
and NH2(APS). In addition to the standard 120Å
Hypersil, we can now offer our customers the
base deactivated range of Hypersil materials
(BDS-Hypersil), and other speciality phases
such as Hypersil Elite.


Particle Diameters:                  3, 5 and 10μm
Average pore diameter:           120Å ± 15Å
Pore size distribution:               85% mean ± 30Å
Surface area:                          170 m2g-1 ± 10 m2g-1
Pore volume:                         0.65cm3g-1 ± 0.1cm3g-1

Typical Chromatographic Performances
3μm       N = 120,000 p/m
5μm       N = 80,000 p/m
10μm     N = 40,000 p/m

 HYPERSIL - Conventional Columns

5μm prices only 3μm columns 10% extra10μm
columns 5% less

   Phase                     2cm             5cm            10cm              15cm            20cm             25cm
   Si                        5AA102        5AA105        5AA110          5AA115         5AA120        5AA125
   BUTYL(C4)           5AD102       5AD105         5AD110         5AD115         5AD120        5AD125
   MOS(C8)              5AF102        5AF105        5AF110           5AF115         5AF120         5AF125
   ODS(C18)            5AG102       5AG105         5AG110          5AG115         5AG120        5AG125
   Phenyl(ph)          5AK102        5AK105         5AK110          5AK115         5AK120        5AK125
   CPS(CN)              5AL102        5AL105          5AL110          5AL115         5AL120        5AL125
   APS(NH2)           5AM102       5AM105         5AM110          5AM115        5AM120       5AM125
   SAS (C1)          5AB102       5AB105        5AB110         5AB115       5AB120       5AB125


Hypersil BDS-C18

3μ 10cm x 4mm
Gradient MeOH:H2O

Flow: 0.7ml/min
Det. UV214,235nm




Hypersil Ordering Information

Catalogue numbers refer to 5μm materials 4.6mm column i.d. only. For 2.1mm or 3.2mm diameter columns please add D2 and D3
respectively to the standard 4.6mm i.d. columns. Prices for 2.1mm and 3.2mm i.d. columns are as for 4.6mm i.d. microns

HYPERSIL - UCC Cartridge Columns
5μm prices only
3μm columns 10% extra        - Replace first digit (i.e., 5) with 3 for cat. no.
10μm columns 5% less          - Replace first digit (i.e., 5) with 10 for cat. no.

   Phase                     2cm             5cm            10cm              15cm            20cm             25cm
   Si                        5AA102        5AA305        5AA310          5AA315         5AA320        5AA325
   BUTYL(C4)           5AD102       5AD305         5AD310         5AD315         5AD320        5AD325
   MOS(C8)              5AF102        5AF305        5AF310           5AF315         5AF320         5AF325
   ODS(C18)            5AG102       5AG305         5AG310          5AG315         5AG320        5AG325
   Phenyl(ph)          5AK102        5AK305         5AK310          5AK315         5AK320        5AK325
   CPS(CN)              5AL102        5AL305          5AL310          5AL315         5AL320        5AL325
   APS(NH2)           5AM102       5AM305         5AM310          5AM315        5AM320      5AM325
   SAS (C1)            5AB102        5AB305         5AB310           5AB315         5AB320       5AB325


Hypersil ODS


10cm x 2.1mm

Flow: 0.35ml/min
Temp: 45°C


Hypersil ODS 5μm


10cm x 2.1mm

Flow: 0.21ml/min

HYPERSIL - Speciality Phases

Capital HPLC Limited also supply the full range of speciality HPLC columns manufactured by Hypersil. These include, Hypersil BDS, Hypersil
Green, Hypersil Hypurity Elite and many others.

The table below represents a sample of the range of Hypersil speciality columns. For speciality columns not listed, please contact our sales
office for information.


   Phase                     2cm             5cm               10cm           15cm              20cm              25cm
   C8-BDS                5AX102        5AX105         5AX110        5AX115           5AX120          5AX125
   C18-BDS              5AZ102        5AZ105         5AZ110        5AZ115            5AZ120          5AZ125
   Phenyl BDS          5AY102        5AY105        5AY110         5AY115           5AY120           5AY125
   Green PAH           5AW102      5AW105       5AW110         5AW115        5AW120          5AW125
   Green ENV           5AC102        5AC105        5AC110         5AC115          5AC120           5AC125
   Carbamate          5AR102        5AR105        5AR110         5AR115          5AR120          5AR125
   Elite                     5AP102       5AP105        5AP110          5AP115          5AP120          5AP125
   Hypurity Elite       5AJ102       5AJ105         5AJ110          5AJ115           5AJ120          5AJ125
   SAX                      5AH102      5AH105        5AH110          5AH115          5AH120         5AH125
   SCX                      5AE102       5AE105        5AE110          5AE115          5AE120           5AE125
   ODS-2                  5AS102       5AS105        5AS110          5AS115          5AS120          5AS125
   MOS-2                  5AT102       5AT105        5AT110          5AT115          5AT120           5AT125


Hypersil Green ENV

Column: 25cm x 4.6mm i.d.
Mobile Phase: MeCN:Water (Gradient)
Flow Rate: 1.0ml/min
Detection: UV at 240nm


Hypersil C8 BDS

Column: 25cm x 4.6mm i.d.
Mobile Phase: MeCN:Water (Gradient)
Flow Rate: 1.0ml/min
Detection: UV at 240nm