Capital HPLC



Kromasil is a spherical, totally porous silica-based chromatographic packing material developed by Eka Nobel in Sweden. The combination of high efficiency, high loadability and mechanical stability makes Kromasil an ideal choice of packing material for both analytical and preparative HPLC.
In addition to the native silica, Kromasil is available in C1, C4, C8, C18 and amino propyl bonded phases.



Kromasil Specifications

Surface area                            340 m2/g
Particle sizes                            5, 7 & 10μm
Pore volume                            0.9ml /g
Pore diameter                          100Å
Pore size distribution                80% ± 25Å
Carbon Loading           (C18)    19%
                                 (C8)      12%
                                 (C4)      8%
                                 (C1)      4.7%

Kromasil base silica has a very low metal content with aluminium and sodium at less than 25ppm.
Although Kromasil is intended as an excellent material for general everyday use, its low metal content makes is suitable for the separation of basic compounds.



Kromasil Ordering Information

Catalogue numbers refer to 5μm materials 4.6mm
column i.d. only. For 2.1mm or 3.2mm diameter
columns please add D2 and D3 respectivley to the

KROMASIL - Conventional Columns
5μm prices only. 10μm 5% less (note to specify 10μm please substitute the prefix 5 for 10)


   Phase                     2cm             5cm            10cm              15cm            20cm             25cm
     Silica                  5JA102        5JA105          5JA110         5JA115         5JA120         5JA125
     C1                      5JB102        5JB105          5JB110         5JB115          5JB120         5JB125
     C4                      5JD102        5JD105         5JD110         5JD115          5JD120         5JD125
     C8                      5JF102         5JF105          5JF110          5JF115          5JF120          5JF125
     C18                    5JG102         5JG105         5JG110         5JG115          5JG120         5JG125
     NH2                   5JM102         5JM105        5JM110        5JM115         5JM120         5JM125

KROMASIL - UCC Cartridge Columns

5μm prices only. 10μm 5% less (note to specify 10μm please substitute the prefix 5 for 10)

   Phase                     2cm             5cm            10cm              15cm            20cm             25cm
     Silica                  5JA102        5JA305          5JA310         5JA315         5JA320         5JA325
     C1                      5JB102        5JB305          5JB310         5JB315          5JB320         5JB325
     C4                      5JD102        5JD305         5JD310         5JD315          5JD320         5JD325
     C8                      5JF102         5JF305          5JF310          5JF315          5JF320          5JF325
     C18                    5JG102         5JG305         5JG310         5JG315          5JG320         5JG325
     NH2                   5JM102         5JM305        5JM310        5JM315         5JM320         5JM325




The chromatographic performance of Kromasil-10-C8.
Peak symmetry factors are all close to one.
Best efficiency
corresponds to h=1.8 (reduced plate height) and
N=45,000-54,000 plates/m
Peak Identity:

1. Benzamide
2. Benzylalcohol
3. Benzaldehyde
4. Methylbenzoate
5. Toluene
6. Benzene
7. n-propylbenzene
8. n-butylbenzene

Column:              Kromasil-10-C8, 10 x 250mm                                 
Flow Rate:          4.9 ml/min
Mobile Phase:    Acetonitrile/Water 70:30
Pressure:           27 bar
Detector:           UV, 254nm



Kromasil Chiral Phases

Kromasil chiral phases are based on the same high quality Kromasil high purity silica. The surface
properties of the base silica enhance the selectivity of the chiral phase. Two Kromasil chiral phases
are available and they complement each other in terms of selectivity.
Kromasil CHI-1: The chiral monomer is O,O'-bis (3,5 dimethylbenzoyl)-N,N'-di-allyl-L-tartar diamide.

Kromasil CHI-2: The chiral monomer is O,O'-bis (4-tert-butylbenzoyl)-N,N'-di-allyl-L-tartar diamide.
The chiral monomers are reacted with a multifunctional hydrosilane yielding a network
polymer. The chiral polymer is then covalently bonded to functionalized Kromasil silica.


KROMASIL - Chiral Columns

   Phase                     2cm             5cm            10cm              15cm            20cm             25cm
     CHI-1                 5JW102          5JW305        N/A             N/A              N/A             5JW325
     CHI-2                 5JZ102           5JZ305         N/A             N/A              N/A              5JZ325