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Manufactured by Macherey-Nagel GmbH in Germany, Nucleosil is a silica based totally porous spherical packing medium with a particularly narrow pore size distribution.

It is available with various pore diameters ranging from
50A up to 2000A, resulting in surface areas from 100m2/g to 500m2/g.

Nucleosil exhibits a high degree of mechanical stability
and easily copes with the high pressures involved in
HPLC. Nucleosil is available in particle diameters of
three, five, seven and ten micron.


5μm mean particle dia ±1.5
10μm mean particle dia ±1.5
Average pore size 100Å
Pore volume 0.65-1.0cm3/g
Surface area 350m2/g

Typical Chromatographic Performance

5μm 55,000 p/m
10μm 30,000 p/m

NUCLEOSIL - Conventional Columns
5μm prices only (3μm and 10μm are also available)


   Phase                     2cm             5cm            10cm              15cm            20cm             25cm
     Silica                  5CA102         5CA105         5CA110          5CA115          5CA120          5CA125
     C4                      5CD102         5CD105         5CD110          5CD115          5CD120          5CD125
     C8                      5CF102          5CF105          5CF110          5CF115           5CF120           5CF125
     C18                    5CG102         5CG105          5CG110          5CG115          5CG120          5CG125
     PHENYL              5CK102          5CK105         5CK110           5CK115          5CK120          5CK125
     CN                      5CL102          5CL105          5CL110          5CL115          5CL120           5CL125
     NH2                    5CM102         5CM105        5CM110          5CM115         5CM120          5CM125
     SB                      5CN102          5CN105         5CN110          5CN115          5CN120           5CN125
     SA                      5CP102          5CP105         5CP110          5CP115          5CP120           5CP125
     DIOL                   5CS102         5CS105          5CS110          5CS115          5CS120           5CS125
     NO2                    5CZ102          5CZ105          5CZ110          5CZ115           5CZ120           5CZ125



  Nucleosil Ordering Information

Catalogue numbers refer to 5μm materials 4.6mm column i.d. only. For 2.1mm or 3.2mm diameter columns
please add D2 and D3 respectivley to thestandard 4.6mm i.d. columns. Prices for 2.1mm and 3.2mm i.d. columns
are as for 4.6mm i.d. For 3μm and 10μm packings substitute the first digit,
i.e., 5, in the catalogue number with the desired particle diameter in microns.

NUCLEOSIL - Universal Cartridge Columns (UCC)
5μm prices only (3μm and 10μm are also available)

   Phase                     2cm             5cm            10cm              15cm            20cm             25cm
     Silica                  5CA302         5CA305         5CA310          5CA315          5CA320          5CA325
     C4                      5CD302         5CD305         5CD310          5CD315          5CD320          5CD325
     C8                      5CF302          5CF305          5CF310          5CF315           5CF320           5CF325
     C18                    5CG302         5CG305          5CG310          5CG315          5CG320          5CG325
     PHENYL              5CK302          5CK305         5CK310           5CK315          5CK320          5CK325
     CN                      5CL302          5CL305          5CL310          5CL315          5CL320           5CL325
     NH2                    5CM302         5CM305        5CM310          5CM315         5CM320          5CM325
     SB                      5CN302          5CN305         5CN310          5CN315          5CN320           5CN325
     SA                      5CP302          5CP305         5CP310          5CP315          5CP320           5CP325
     DIOL                   5CS302         5CS305          5CS310          5CS315          5CS320           5CS325
     NO2                    5CZ302          5CZ305          5CZ310          5CZ315           5CZ320           5CZ325

Nucleosil New Phases

There are now two new Nucleosil phases available
from Capital HPLC. For ordering infromation please
see page 8 of our general price list.

C18 AB - A new polymeric stationary phase with
good selectivity towards both acid and
basic compounds. It also shows
excellent stability against agressive
mobile phases.

C18 PPN - A polymeric stationary phase especially
developed for the analysis of peptides
and proteins.
In addition to the Nucleosil phases listed above,
Capital HPLC also supply numerous Nucleogel
products for the analysis of ions and biomolecules
(see price list page 8).