Capital HPLC



Synchropak is a range of materials, manufactured
by Synchrom Inc., which is aimed primarily at the
analysis and purification of proteins, peptides and
other biomolecules. There are a number of phases
especially designed for size exclusion or gel filtration
chromatography with a wide range of pore sizes.
The range also includes novel ion exchange
materials, e.g., WAX, with a wide range of

Available Phases

AX300 is a weak anion exchange column for the
analysis of proteins, enzymes etc..
Q300 is similar to the above but includes an
additional quaternary ammonium group to give a
strong anion exchange material.
CM300 is a weak cation exchange phase, whereas
S300 is a strong cation exchanger.
Many others are also available, please call for

SynChropak Conventional Columns

6.5μm prices only

   Phase                     2cm                 5cm             10cm               15cm             20cm              25cm
   AX300                  7XA102           7XA105        7XA110           7XA115          7XA120          7XA125
   Q300                    7XB102           7XB105         7XB110           7XB115          7XB120          7XB125
   CM300                  7XF102           7XF105         7XF110            7XF115          7XF120           7XF125
   S300                    7XG102           7XG105         7XG110           7XG115          7XG120          7XG125
   GPC300                7XK102           7XK105         7XK110           7XK115          7XK120          7XK125
   GPC500                7XL102           7XL105         7XL110            7XL115          7XL120          7XL125
   GPC1000              7XM102          7XM105        7XM110           7XM115         7XM120         7XM125
   RP100                  7XN102           7XN105        7XN110            7XN115          7XN120         7XN125
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