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Capital HPLC Universal Cartridge Columns (UCC)

Universal Cartridge Columns (UCC)

Introduced in 1987, the UCC system is a high quality cartridge system which has been painstakingly optimized for flexibility and ease of handling. Unlike many of the over complicated cartridge systems available on the HPLC market our design has been kept simple so that we can offer a high quality product at a lower cost than a conventional column. The cartridge insert is simply a 1/4" stainless steel tube with KEL-F plugs at either end. The complete system is also entirely finger tight and does not require the use of wrenches or spanners for routine maintenance or changing cartridges etc.. Unlike most systems, the cartridge holders and inserts are compatible with standard 'off-the-shelf' HPLC end fittings and therefore do not require complex and expensive end assemblies. There is also arrange of easy to use accessories to enhance the basic UCC system. These include a simple guard column adapter and a convenient column coupler. The basic cartridge holder is not only compatible with 4.6mm i.d. columns, but also with narrow bore columns of 3.2 and 2.1mm internal diameter. Larger sized holders are also available for preparative and semi preparative cartridges. are also available for preparative and semi preparative cartridges.

New Precision Format

Capital HPLC's new specialty materials, Optimal and Inertpak are supplied in our stylish New Precision column ormat which combines high performance with ease of use. New Precision columns are machined to a very high degree of olerance and are available in all analytical dimensions. New Precision 1mm i.d. narrow bore columns deliver the ame performance in terms of plate number and peak symmetry as our standard 4.6mm columns.

However the chromatographer can enjoy all the benefits of narrow bore (1mm i.d.) columns in a robust and easy to use column format. The majority of 1mm bore column manufacturers supply 1mm columns in an 1/8" o.d. column format which leads to a rather fragile product which is easily bent and destroyed. However, New Precision 1mm i.d. columns have an external diameter of 1/4" (6.35mm) which means that they are robust enough to be handled just like conventional sized analytical columns.


Guard Columns ew Precision Cumns

 Capital HPLC guard columns (2cm in length) can be used with any of the above column formats. NB. For conventional and New Precision type columns a guard column holder (together with end fittings) is required

(Cat. No. HT7151 page 69). For our UCC cartridge column system, it is necessary to use a guard column adapter (Cat. No. HT7152 page 69).

Guard columns are available individually or alternatively in economy packs of three.

In addition to our standard 2cm guard columns, a 1cm PEEK guard column and holder is also available packed with the material required.



 10mm Guard Cartridge System

 Universal Integral Cap-Guard Cartridge System

 Capital HPLC has special on-column guard column system called universal on-column Cap guard system. These are used to extend the lifetime of your HPLC column by protecting against particulate matter and the elution of contaminants into the analytical column.

 The 10mm Guard Cartridges are easily and quickly inserted into the cartridge holder using Capital HPLC's finger-tight connectors. The compact size of the Universal Integral Cap-Guard Cartridge system makes it a convenient way to protect your analytical HPLC columns.

Guard cartridge availability


To connect the guard cartridge holder to the injector, we recommend using one-piece PEEK column fitting (Cat# HT6002) - it will adjust to any seal, depth or style and is reusable .Secure-Fit fittings, also available in both PEEK

and stainless steel, also are an excellent choice for consistent, leak-free seals. The guard cartridges are available in packs of 3 or 5.Guard cartridges are available in 10mm long and 2, 3, 4 and 4.6mm id. These cartridges can be supplied packed with all available materials in the Capital HPLC range .The unique design of end plugs ensure that there will not to be any leaks during the high pressure operation.


Ordering Information


 Part No.                     Description

 HT5171.1                  Universal Integral Cap-Guard

 To order a 10mm guard cartridge with a specific material, use the normal column part number (as

 described in the Capital HPLC order code guide on page 6) and replace the column length with 101.









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