Capital HPLC

Capital HPLC Solvent Saver

Capital HPLC Solvent Saver

This convenient, microprocessor controlled solvent
saver is an ideal accessory in any analytical
laboratory concerned with solvent costs and
solvent disposal costs. This easy to use device
can soon pay for itself through savings in solvent
costs alone.
The internal memory can store up to 10 analytical
methods which allows the operator to opimise the
efficiency of the device for each chromatographicmethod.

Cat. No. HR21010 (see price list p19)



Mobile Phase Level Minder

The convenient device avoids the possibility of
ever having to clean up because of an overflowing
HPLC waste bottle. The Level Minder automatically
alerts the chromatographer both audibly and visibly
when the waste bottle level is approaching full.

In this way, messy and dangerous spills can be
easily avoided. The Level Minder sits on top of the
waste bottle with an inert float inside the neck of
the bottle.

If the waste solvent is below the level of the float,
the LED indicator on the Level Minder shows
'green' indicating the it is functioning correctly and
that the solvent level is OK.

Whenever the float senses that the level has
reached the critical value, the float's movement
triggers a flashing red LED and sounds an audible

Two AA batteries are included which will provide
for several months of operation.

Cat No. HR21015 (see price list page 19)


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