Capital HPLC



PeakTrack is an advanced, light weight system
for capturing, analysing and archiving Chromatography
data. Using PeakTrack you will be able
to manage all of the important chromatography
tasks that you need to perform.

What does PeakTrack do for me?

PeakTrack allows you to digitally capture and
analyse chromatography data generated by your
lab instruments. Using PeakTrack you can
automatically perform a variety of chromatography

analyses including:

• Identifying analytes in a sample.
• Determining relative proportions of analytes.
• Determining absolute concentrations of analytes.
• Automatic gathering of multiple sample sets.
• Statistical analysis of large data sets.
• much more...

What can PeakTrack do?

PeakTrack has many features which makes light
work of a whole range of chromatography tasks.
For more complete information about the
PeakTrack system please go to our web site, or
contact us for the PeakTrack brochure.
Control and Analysis

The core of the PeakTrack system is its advanced
Control and Analysis Software which
controls the data capture hardware to maintain
the highest quality of data capture and provides
you with a user friendly interface with which to
analyse your chromatography data. After
capturing the data from your lab instruments
PeakTrack can automatically find and label the
peaks in the recorded chromatograms and even
compute absolute concentrations of each

analyte. PeakTrack also allows you to:

• Record data sets of multiple chromatograms
• Attach notes to each chromatogram
• Compare multiple chromatograms on a single
• Make calibration samples for quantitative
• Export data
• Share PDF reports of data


Accurate Digital Capture

PeakTrack's data capture hardware makes use
of 'windowed digital capture', that is: it converts
the lab instrument's analogue signal into digital
data which is scaled across the correct data
range. This allows an excellent data representation
at a reduced cost.

Advanced Peak Detection

During the automatic analysis process
PeakTrack employs an advenced 'Shape-Based
Detection Algorithm' to differentiate the true
peaks from background signal noise. This
Shape-Based approach allows a far more
accurate detection of peak start and end points
resulting in more accurate experimental results.

Sophisticated Peak Separation

Using specially designed algorithms PeakTrack
is even able to separate overlapping peaks
while maintaining the correct profile for each
PeakTrack's unique separation process gives
more accurate results in situations of poor
analyte resolution.

Safe Data Storage
Your data is automatically stored on your
computer's hard-disc while it is being captured,
keeping your experimental results safe, even in
the event of a power cut! Should such a
disaster strike PeakTrack sill automatically guide
you through a data recovery process to ensure
that everything possible is retrieved.