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Preparative Liquid Chromatography Stationary Phases and Columns

Preparative Liquid Chromatography Stationary Phases and Columns

Preparative column chromatography is a separation and purification method that
plays an important role in purifying value compounds in research, pilot plant operation
and production.

This method can be used not only to purify substances to a high extent, but to do this in
a rapid and economical way. In practice, standardised Stationary Phases
are required. These provide a high degree of method reliability, direct transfer from
analytical scale and optimised throughput per time.

Only silica gels with a defined pore structure fulfill the requirements of chromatography.
Smaller sized irregular and spherical silica gels are often packed into packing stands to
achieve a high performance preparative chromatography.
Capital HPLC Limited is a specialist in the manufacture of standardized silica gel
packing materials for preparative chromatography. We therefore offer a wide
range of customized Stationary phases. The product range is rounded off by several
special stationary phases, e.g. silica gels of the type Optimal Range or highly purified
acid-washed silica gels. Such gels give you unique method reliability. Regardless of
which chromatography process is used (HPTLC, HPLC or preparative chromatography),
direct and rapid transfer to production scale is ensured and poses no
risks. This is due to the fact that identical raw materials are used for all the relevant
product lines, thus providing identical chromatographic selectivity.

Same Selectivity

Same Selectivity from analytical to preparative scale



Mechanical Stability

As nowadays DAC (Dynamic Axial
Compression) columns are widely used for
preparative separations, special attention
has to be paid to the mechanical stability of
the silica used. A test procedure using
repeated packing and unpacking is reported
in the literature. In this test Optimal SP-P
packings show strong mechanical stability
and appear to be suitable for such DAC


Change of back pressure against repeated packing
Silica Gel: spherical, 120Å, 10μm, ultra pure
Column: DAC column (50mm diameter)
Bed Length: 23cm (200g of silica gel)
Flow rate: 150ml/min
Mobile phase: 2-propanol
Piston pressure: 10MPa (=100 bar)





Particle size distribution

Preparative grade packing materials in the
past have had a wide particle distribution.
The advantage of the Optimal SP-P series
packing material for preparative
chromatography enables higher column
efficiencies and lower operating pressure
due to its narrow particle size distribution.



Better flow characteristics

The narrow particle size distribution of the
Optimal SP-P packing provides better flow
characteristics, improved column efficiency
and longer column life.




The range of semi-preparative and preparative columns offered by Capital HPLC is as


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